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Should web-applications and webapp tags be merged?

Should web-applications (551 questions) and webapp (8 questions) tags be merged? I think so.
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What to do when similar but worse worded question has great answer for this one

There is a question, How to promote code reuse and documentation?, which I think is well worded, but new and only got a few average answers so far. It was also suggested that it's a duplicate of How ...
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Can we merge the two "Do you have to like math?" questions?

We have two separate questions asking whether you need to know/like/enjoy math to be a good programmer:
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Why did this non-meta question get moved to meta?

The following question got moved to meta: "Would it be possible to create an open source software library, entirely developed and moderated by an open community?" It contains the following two sub-...
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During a question merge not all comments got merged into the master question

I just merged this question (10k+ link) into this question, but it looks like only my comment made it over into the master question and Vitor's comment was left behind. Is that the expected behaviour?...
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Why are similar questions closed instead of mergred?

I think it would be much more convenient to allow users to vote to merge a post with another post along with all the answers retaining the titles of both. Essentially symbolically linking the names ...
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