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Why are we getting so many off topic 'debug this for me' questions? what can we do about it?

Yes, this is a duplicate of Using Programmers as "learning and training area" for Stack Overflow kind questions intended to re-ask the question more clearly and without the tangents of ...
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22 votes
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Could we please detect troublesome questions using Stack Overflow data and offload them to Triage review for an hour or two?

Propose to detect troublesome questions using Stack Overflow quality scoring data and put them to Triage queue for an hour or two. If the timeout expires before decision is made, let questions go to ...
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1 vote
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Is there a plan to test Triage review at Programmers?

Triage review is being tested at Stack Overflow for about three weeks now. I briefly "triaged" it myself and as far as I can tell, Programmers can benefit from such a review too. Is there a plan to ...
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Update "Introducing Programmers" blog to reflect site scope change

In the Introducing blog post, Jeff announces our site with great fanfare. And while I'm all for promoting our site, there are a few problems with that post that I think ...
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2 answers

Is this something that we can learn from Stack Overflow?

A (first-day) user quickly dropped two code dumps at our front page: 1, 2. That's all-right, 'it happens, and these will probably be closed and deleted soon, which is fine. What made me raise ...
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