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How to get at least a couple of examples of a topic on which "whole books have been written"? Nowadays all the rage is agile, marketed as superior to waterfall. So ...
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Is it on-topic to ask for an objective list of something?

A request question is asking to enumerate all JavaScript functions that return null or undefined. I thought that questions which ask to make a list of things are off-topic here; however, I can't find ...
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Why do 'some examples' and 'list of things' questions get closed?

A common form of question that is often asked is the "what are some examples of..." While this is hinted at in the help center Please make sure that your question is not too broad, or strongly ...
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List of Canonical Lists

I have this idea that just might be a benefit to P.SE, as well as the Stack Exchage Community as a whole: A List of Canonical Lists For example, when a Canonical list is made, it is not exactly the ...
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Should we have a canonical certification list?

There seem to be a few questions concerning Software Development Certification(s) that people want to get. Since quite a few people have hired software developers and quite a few more people have ...
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Can I ask for a list of papers of interest to programmers (and not only CS theorists)?

I'm thinking of asking a question for papers (e.g. from IEEE or ACM) that are of interest to programmers. There's similar question at Theoretical Computer Science that has some great answers, but ...
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follow a question

How i can follow a question without bookmarking the question web page ? is there any specific way to follow an interest question and be mailed when some one write down another answer or some change ...
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Can the closed questions please be removed from "related"?

I keep clicking on related questions and they are closed. Its annoying. It would be more helpful if it was only related open questions. Or even if they are older related questions with good answers, ...
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What's the correct style for asking a list question. [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to ask a question about software library resources When asking a question that will result in a list (which is a big chunk of this site's content), people often provide an ...
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