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My question was simultaneously answered, put on hold, and finally deleted. Why, and how can I improve my question?

Regarding this question: I laughed, because the answers/...
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How can I improve my question to fit the site better?

I recently asked a question that was downvoted a few times. I've read some help pages (on-topic/off-topic etc.) and thought my question can fit the site. After a downvote and a comment I got about ...
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How to improve the document / refactoring question

Question in review: Is it Typical for Large Software Companies to Not Document or Refactor Code? Thunderforge asked in chat I recently had my question put on hold and I'd like to know how I can ...
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Are there ways this question might be improved so that it gets a good answer?

Is there a better way to ask this question, "Validating need for documentation" - since this seems like a question that has an answer, but then again, I might be wrong. I've attempted to state the ...
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Suggestions on how to improve my "not constructive" question?

My question Worst practices in C++, common mistakes was closed for being "not constructive". Actually, my sole intent was to get answers that "generally involve facts, references, or specific ...
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"In your own words" Questions - Are they considered constructive?

Considering this question - Explain Big O notation in your words, are questions in this form considered constructive ? There are quality answers, but in the end, everyone has their own words to ...