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Can you people here stop being so rude? [duplicate]

This is a site where people who are clueless ask question for help. WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE HERE SO MEAN? why do you close questions and downvote them instead of answering? be nice to others! even if you ...
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Link "title" attribute lost in HTML except when editing

Hovering the mouse pointer over a link having a title attribute should display the title, but currently this works only when you are looking at an editing preview of the post. There is something ...
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Broken Markdown Formatting

I wasn't sure where else to put it, so I decided upon Meta.Programmers.StackExchange. If you evaluate the html generated for this post, you will notice that it generates mismatched tags when making ...
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Is this a bug in the site, or in Internet Explorer? When I view my answer, it contains the following text ...
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