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Help Center tuning: "help/on-topic/and it is not about..." += references to meta guidance

Per recent discussion, I drafted some updates I'd like to have in Help Center -> What topics can I ask about here, section not about... Added text is in bold, deleted is crossed, and some links are ...
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New Site Name and Help Center: Phase I Complete

Previous Discussion: Follow-Up 3: New Site Name and Help Center Discussions After approval from Ana, I published the discussed updates to the Help Center's /help/on-topic page and the site's /tour. ...
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Where can I see what kind of questions are or are not relevant on /programmers?

Where can I see what kind of questions are or are not relevant on /programmers? From usability point of view, it's pretty hard to find.
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"What reasons do questions get closed for here?" should be in the help center under the "Asking" heading

Our new off-topic close reasons have come in so handy and been so well used I think they do a good job of giving clear guidance to many on what they can expect they should avoid. Granted they're a ...
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How to have nice things

At last year's Summit Joel Spolsky gave a talk entitled "How to Have Nice Things" in which he described why there must be rules on content based factual sites and why the rules that exist on SE are ...
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