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Code formatting, ratio checks enabled

A check that's been enabled for years on Stack Overflow attempts to identify unformatted code in posts (questions and answers) from new users, and blocks posting until it has been corrected. A related ...
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Should we improve span code links highlighting?

This is an inline span of preformatted text: Let's put a link on it: Nothing changes. Should we learn from Stack Overflow?
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10 votes
2 answers

Allow using MathJAX?

Some stack exchange sites (cs, math, physics etc.) have MathJAX support. Now on and stack overflow there is less need for mathematical formulae, but they appear, most often when ...
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Formatting rules?

What is the consensus around formatting? If things like bold and h1 tags are their in the formatting bar I assume it's ok to use them. I can empathize that one shouldn't abuse formatting since it ...
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