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For questions about the process of identifying and closing questions that are duplicates of another question.

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Why was this question closed as duplicate

Clean Code comments vs class documentation was closed as a duplicate of "Comments are a code smell" There are a couple of reasons I'm finding this difficult to understand. First, they ...
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Update required for the close questions help page?

Referring to: Specifically for duplicates it states: When should I vote to close a question? Questions should be ...
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Reopen good, but duplicate, question

This post was closed as a duplicate, which perhaps it is, but the original question contains a single answer that doesn't really add much to the question. The recent, duplicate question has many more ...
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A question was closed as duplicate even though the supposed duplicate was younger

I answered a question some years ago that was widely accepted to be the canonical answer to the very common question-- I think I had over a 200 upvotes and the answer alone added 2000 rep to my ...
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