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For questions about the process of identifying and closing questions that are duplicates of another question.

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What does it take for a question to be a duplicate?

I just learned that this question is a duplicate of some other question (the link to which is supplied now in the first question). Reading through both questions I cannot see how one could defer the ...
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What is the best? VS What is your favorite? VS What X to use?

What is the best X? versus What is your favorite X? versus What X to use? I'm wondering if such questions result in the same answer, often the best is your favorite and vice-versa. My guess is that ...
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What is the current policy for questions that are duplicates of stack overflow?

I did read a very similar question to the question I'm asking now, but found it confusing, and it was more about when this site was in beta. I just flagged a question that was, arguably, an exact ...
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Cross Site Questions

I think we should allow for a question to be listed on multiple sites, if it meets the charter of both sites. There would be a feature similar to the "migrate" feature except it will be a "share with ...
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Is there a way to ask a question contrasting the advantages or differences of C# and VB.NET without it being closed?

I was told to come ask this here, so hopefully it doesn't get closed or down voted here too. I've always been curious why people seem to move from VB to C# when VB.NET seems to have some technical ...
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Voting to close - duplicate of a closed question

I recently marked a question (subsequently closed as not constructive) as an exact duplicate of another, closed question. Another user questioned this as being nonsensical. While the question wasn't ...
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How would you clean up a question asking if you've written readable and easily maintainable code?

The topic of code quality comes up often enough that there is a wiki Q&A devoted to it: How would you know if you've written readable and easily maintainable code? There are currently 103 ...
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On duplicates and other close reasons

One of those topics occasionally bantered about in chat, and with a bit more frequency lately is about how we close with duplicates and what these questions should be. The idealized flow with closing ...
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Help me understand the difference between these two questions

What's wrong with comments that explain complex code? after writing a complex piece of code written in a partly human-readable programming language, why not add a descriptive and concise ...
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"How can I compare and contrast open source licenses?" - canonical dupe for license shopping?

While pondering upon today's usual license shopping request I discovered this old question: How can I compare and contrast open source licenses? Would it make sense to make above a canonical ...
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Require a link to the question it is a duplicate of

When people vote to close a question, and more importantly when it is closed, a link to the duplicate question should be displayed in all cases. This should one, reduce the number of claims of "exact ...
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