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How to improve my question "Structure of enterprise application with interchangeable technology interface underlying in C# with DDD approach"

I think this site is about design and best proactive in software engineering as you can see in and question must be good question as you can ...
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How is asking, "Is there formal terminology for storage of key value pairs?" an opinion based question?

"Formal" being the working term here. I did not ask what people "informally" thought. I asked Is there formal terminology for storage of key value pairs? And it gets closed for ...
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Negatively scored questions should be more aggressively hidden from the homepage

Right now, we have about 12 questions at -3 or lower on the homepage. This is after I closed and mod-deleted questions that are explicitly off-topic and very, very unlikely to be salvaged. It seems ...
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Drive-by downvoters?

I gave an answer to a python question and got a downvote pretty quickly. No comment, so I asked (somewhat humorously) what caused the downvote. Then I got another downvote, and my comment was deleted. ...
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What is wrong with this question

I asked following question on enquiring about the approach I should adopt while writing tests for controllers in REST api application? Within few hours it was downvoted three times but none of the ...
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Question got closed citing that it requests for "customer support"

Yesterday I asked this Qn: But some fellow members felt that, it belongs to below category: Why we're not customer support for [your ...
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Should we kindly explain the basic stuff, or rudely close the question?

Occasionally, beginner programmers ask questions here which show that they slightly misunderstood the whole subject. This leads to the questions which are both funny and difficult to read, since they ...
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Why was my answer about drivers downvoted?

References: "How drivers work?" (Question) (My Answer) The OP asked about drivers: As far as I know a driver is a piece of software responsible for controlling some piece of hardware. This is the ...
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New question starts at -1?

I just asked a new question, . When I completed it and the view page loaded, its score was ...
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Does asking a question perceived as too broad warrant a down-vote / close-vote, without discussion?

We'll this recently happened to me, and now I'm out for social justification, so to speak...I'm quite an avid user of StackOverflow, so I do realize that the use of the voting mechanism had been ...
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Should I downvote/close a question which I don't understand while it looks clear?

There are questions which are badly written and absolutely unclear. Those are downvoted and closed as unclear within minutes. There are questions which are clear but I personally can't understand ...
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Why can't we raise up questions quality?

I am a voracious StackExchange user, always I have a technical question I go to StackOverflow, also every morning I like to come here to programmer to read some more advanced questions and opinions ...
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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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Why so many negative votes here?

I'm active in other Stack Exchange sites and just signed up for this one, and I'm amazed at how many questions here have negative ratings. Why don't some of you lighten up? People would not be ...
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Why are there so many closed, on hold, and down voted questions here?

Compared to Stack Overflow, the number of questions which are down-voted, put on hold, or closed is astounding. I think it's a sign that the criteria (and possibly usefulness) of this site is poorly ...
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How can I improve this question and get answers I want?

Can someone tell me what's wrong with this question? How can I improve it? I'm in the field of EEE but I'm not specializing in software engineering. Yesterday, i had an impromptu idea to develop ...
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Why always answers of users who have the maximum reputation in a question accepted and voted up?

Even my answer is more helpful, users upvote an answer which is written by a user who has the maximum reputation and owner of the question accepts that answer. On the other hand, a downvoted answer ...
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Downvoting "marginal" posts can trigger their inclusion into Low Quality queue?

Recently I reviewed some posts using SEDE query called "Marginal short answers with links". For the record, I have been using query parameters as suggested here, with the only difference ...
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IDE Compilation question - I'm not sure why this is downvoted so much

Relevant Link: I thought I was asking a fair question that's fit for programmers.stackexchange. Apparently, many ...
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Many down votes without explanation

From yesterday I was seeing there are many down votes are being given to the questions, without explanation. Today I found this question can-code-completion-be-consideration-of-choosing-a-programming-...
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Why are there so many minus points on questions in this site?

First, I think I will get minus too here or blocked I don't know why I want know this so why when I am looking at question list so many minus point on question here so they are asking about ...
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4 answers

Programmers Stack Exchange question downvoting, what to do?

I've taken a shine to the Programmers Stack Exchange lately, but one thing I've noticed is it seems to have what I think anybody looking at the questions list would classify as excessive down voting ...
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Why does demoting an answer of another person demote my score by 1?

When I did not like someone answer and I demoted that answer, my score was reduced by 1 - What is the idea behind this?
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1 answer

Were these downvotes automatic?

I just glanced at my profile a moment ago and noticed a significant stream of 20 downvotes on answers all within the same 1 minute. Could these be automatic, or simply a malicious user with a grudge?
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I'm under attack. I ask help

It's purely management question to the moderators team. In topic "Can we set up svn server on a local computer without any network access?" (and probably some other places) I'm under downvoting attack ...
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stalked and downvoted by upset users?

I noticed my reputation activity over the last 24 hrs, and it looks as though some user has followed every question on my profile and targeted it for downvote. This behavior is hilarious, but the down-...
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What are the guidelines for down-voting?

Is down-voting supposed to be completely arbitrary to the user down voting? I ask because I received a down vote of my answer on this question:
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Why did this non-meta question get moved to meta?

The following question got moved to meta: "Would it be possible to create an open source software library, entirely developed and moderated by an open community?" It contains the following two sub-...
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Why not force a comment when down-voting an answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should we force adding a comment with every down-vote? Why not let the site force the user to enter a comment (of min. 20 chars. or so) when demoting an answer?
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Should downvoters be forced to give a reason?

Often people downvote what seems like perfectly legitimate questions or answers. Comments asking for the reason for downvote are often ignored. Should it be mandatory for a downvoter to supply a ...
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Will the voting fraud detection algorithm detect this?

A few hours ago I got downvoted on all my questions and only questions. Is it because downvoting question is now free?
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Should we force adding a comment with every down-vote?

Personally I find unexplained down-votes very frustrating, also IMHO, this isn't constructive criticism. On the contrary it promotes bad behavior.. I suggest enforcing adding a comment when casting a ...
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