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What is the impact of deleting an answer or question on reputation?

What happens to reputation gained\lost from that question or answer?
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Should we be deleting questions which still have valuable answers?

Reviewing an old answer of mine, I noticed that one of my links to another answer of mine had gone stale, losing both the content and the context of that answer. Now I seem to remember that the ...
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Why was this response deleted?

Would a moderator on programmers.stackexchange (specifically, Anna Lear) kindly explain why this response was deleted? Where are octals useful? I fail to see why it would be deleted after reviewing ...
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Question I answered "disappeared"

I answered a question within the last week. It got a couple of upvotes, however, I can no longer find the question that was asked. I did a search through my reputation and I don't see the question ...
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Question removed

Yesterday I asked a question about web development, here's the link But the question was removed, and I wanted to look back at it. Why is this?
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Great question got deleted

The deletion mafia has struck again. We had this discussion before on Meta.SO. Case in point: the question What do you say to people when they say that programming is not demanding? was deleted. Can ...
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If I delete my own question, can I still see it?

On Stack Overflow, at some point my rep reached a level where I could see deleted questions and answers. They're just grayed out. On this site, I have very low rep; so I'm sure I can't see deleted ...
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