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Why was my question so quickly deleted by a moderator?

I asked a question and it was deleted WITHOUT any polite explanation, by Thomas Owens: I want to learn Symfony but I think, learning Symfony as a first framework is a TITANIC task for someone who ...
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If I was a homework cheater, [duplicate]

...if I was a homework cheater, I would applaud an approach like that... I'm for deletion if not improved in a reasonable timeframe. But minutes after closure is, I think, too speedy. I tend to give ...
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Does deleting a closed question remove a question ban?

I asked a question recently which was closed as being too broad. I disagreed with the reasoning, but I understand the position that programmers.SE moderators took on it and I want to ask questions ...
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Delete some questions instead of just closing them

There are the FAQ's, plenty of closed questions (heads on top of spears), and comments about what types of questions are appropriate, but since so many questions of the same type are closed, should ...
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Question got closed citing that it requests for "customer support"

Yesterday I asked this Qn: But some fellow members felt that, it belongs to below category: Why we're not customer support for [your ...
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Are you guys turning P.SE into a 404 black hole?

I have been hitting quite a few 404's on P.SE lately. I was wondering how great the idea of perma deleting questions that have been around a long time and indexed and linked to (not spam or such) ...
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The "Professional Engineers" question has 2/3 reopen votes AND 3/4 delete votes; what's going on here?

Can Software Engineers become certified Professional Engineers (PE)? This question was closed by the community as off-topic career advice back in June 2014. It has not received any edits aside from ...
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Locked questions cleanup

@MichaelT and I were discussing the purpose of locked questions last night in chat. He brought up this post from Meta.SE: What is a historical lock, and what is it used for? When is it appropriate to ...
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Why was "What popular best practices are not always best and why" deleted?

My understanding of the policy is that questions that are too subjective should be closed but not deleted, because they might still contain useful information for people. So why was this question ...
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What is the impact of deleting an answer or question on reputation?

What happens to reputation gained\lost from that question or answer?
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Will removing link to author's own research paper be enough to make this question not spam?

This question is an extension of another meta post: Why were all of my points stripped on the basis of asking this question?. The original question was marked as spam, and deleted. The meta question ...
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Is it possible to "revive" deleted post?

I would like to know if it's possible to bring back to life a post of mine (a question) which I deleted? If so - would the reputation I gained from it be restored?
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How can I get my question answered instead of being autodeleted?

This is a followup question to this older question about my question. At first being way too broad, the question was promptly closed as opinion-based/needs more focus. After quite some time of editing ...
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Question deleted even though there are similar questions on the site

I fond similar questions on the site, so decided it was the right place to ask it here. I have provided those questions in the comments. And the question was not just closed, it was deleted by a ...
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My book-recommendation question on very specific topic was deleted

This is my deleted question. From this meta question I conclude that it's acceptable to ask for course/book recommendations on specialized topics: Are book recommendations on-topic? So, can I do ...
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