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Copyright - don't breach it

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Someone plagiarized one of my answers. Now what? [closed]

Recently someone commented on an answer I wrote to Difference between 3-Tier architecture and MVC (Model, View Controller) in ASP.Net that they believe a blog post on (a site ...
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How to handle postings with possible copyright violations

Looking at the topmost answer of this question, I wondered if the inclusion of that Dilbert comic might be a copyright violation, and what might be the proper way to handle it. More general: how ...
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Is it appropriate to link to "unofficial" web copies of commercial documents

I've not found this asked, so apologies if I've missed it... Is it appropriate to link to web copies of commercial documents, where the publishing of that document is breaching copyright or licensing?...
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Copyright of posted code

I notice that the site has a creative commons license. Does this also mean that any user code placed on the site is also released by a creative commons license?
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