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Is there a way to see all favorite questions of all my communities?

So, since as a programmer I use many different stackexchange sites, like Stack Overflow Software Engineering Game Development Theoretical Computer Science I want to see all questions that I have ...
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Software Engineering not appearing on My Communities

Since the name changed to Software Engineering, i am not able to see it on My Communities. Are you guys experiencing the same issue? Or maybe i did something wrong? I have to look it on More Stack ...
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3 votes
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Why and how did the Community user lock this post?

This (revisions) question was put on hold by users, and then locked by the Community user. I agree that its not a on-topic for this site but Why was it locked? I think putting it on hold is plenty. ...
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Ok, I'm confused about what people think Programmers *should be*

With this recent spurt of activity on meta, a number of opinions have come out. A number of these describe some rather radical changes. (please pardon me if I ascribe rather extreme positions) On ...
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Should new users be protected from down votes?

I just saw an answer from a new user (1 reputation point joined today) with 3 downvotes I'd be surprised if that guy ever decided to return to the site because of the welcome he received. Only one ...
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Why is the community user awarding bounties?

This answer was awarded 25 points by the community user. How does it happen? Which answers are awarded?
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Yet another cleanup idea

I was looking through some of the tags on this site, and, well, yecccch. And then I thought, hey, could this be part of the Programmers.SE Summer Cleaning project? For instance, the question Do we ...
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Programmers Moderator Cards

We recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for ...
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