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2 answers

Migrate one question, Close another

This question: Why is "||" the symbol for or? was closed for being Off-topic on StackOverflow. I recommend that it be migrated to here, where it would be decidedly more topical. Then, I recommend ...
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2 answers

On duplicates and other close reasons

One of those topics occasionally bantered about in chat, and with a bit more frequency lately is about how we close with duplicates and what these questions should be. The idealized flow with closing ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What would be the reasons to comment on a question instead of voting to close it?

I notice that gnat often comments on questions explaining why they would probably be closed, writing comments such as: why didn't you ask at Stack Overflow? ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How can we encourage people to read the FAQ before asking their first question?

Every day we still get lots of questions on PSE which are immediately put on hold because of one of the standard closing reasons (asking for career or education advice, asking for an off-site resource ...
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Revisiting our close procedure and close reasons [duplicate]

In a comment in one of our Meta discussions Aarthi announced a set of changes to the closing procedure: This is currently in spec-stage so I don't have lots of details available, but suffice it to ...
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Should Why is Global State so Evil? be closed?

So since we've been round about today on Constructive Questions, should Why is Global State so Evil? be closed? It is essentially a subjective matter, likely to result in a list, and seems to be ...
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2 answers

Idea? New option as an alternative to closing a question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: A place for the subjective, fun questions EDIT: I'm not talking a catch-all site for any Q&A, I mean questions still related to SE. But, perhaps the community option for a ...
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3 answers

Would it be possible to get the mods to be a LITTLE slower in closing a question in case it might be answered or edited to be answerable anyway?

I am referring to which was closed - and when I (not having seen the ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Should the 'good question' criteria be revised, or, has flagging become over-zealous?

First off, let me say I love the community moderation system. I think it's tops. But I feel like too many questions that could elicit interesting answers (specifically, interesting as a programmer) ...
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Delay the closing of advice type and localized questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Putting contentious questions on probation So at least once every day we have this kind of question where somebody asks to give advice about some technical topic. (I'm not ...
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