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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

Meta questions about why particular questions on the main site were closed.

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Call for volunteers: close voters

Programmers could benefit from a few more regular visitors who close questions on the front page and the Unanswered page that are clearly off-topic. "Clearly off-topic" means: We don't do ...
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My question was closed as a duplicate of a vaguely related question without good answers

Best practices for sharing tiny snippets of code across projects was closed 6 months after being posted. It was marked as a duplicate to How to promote code reuse and documentation? I'm a heavy user ...
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I believe my question was closed unjustly

I asked a language design / theoretical question and it was closed as "unclear what I'm asking". The problem is not that it's unclear -- it's just a bit theoretical and language design-specific. ...
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Misleading "protected" message on closed question shown to users who are not logged in or have less than 10 on-site rep

Should I choose Doctrine 2 or Propel 1.5/1.6, and why? Is this the intended behavior? I was searching for the "answer" button because I read that I need at least 10 reputation because the question ...
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Can you please review the modifications for this question?

I modified the original Building a distributed system on Amazon Web Services after the comments mentioned about Why do interview questions make poor Programmers.SE questions? The question now is more ...
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Answer to a specific question and a very broad question

I was composing an answer to Can I distribute a GPL executable (not a library) in a closed-source application? when I discovered it has been closed as a duplicate of Can I use GPL, LGPL, MPL licensed ...
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Are opinionated answers or a whole book the only way to answer a question about flaws in a development plan?

C# coding style, functional approach was closed for being opinion-based. But consider what was really being asked here. We were presented a development plan and asked if any problems are already ...
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Vote to accept a question if it is worthy rather than to close when it is unworthy

It is my impression that most new questions on SESE are closed quickly, often rightfully so. This is problematic for a number of reasons. We have been urged to be friendly and welcoming. Having your ...
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