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Custom Close Reason Updates

First: We have a fourth custom close reason added. One of the most common close reasons that isn't accounted for by one of the current custom close reasons is for questions seeking legal advice or ...
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What's wrong with proving best practices through statistics?

The guidance for off-topic questions has this to say about the use of statistics: Asking for a link to something or statistics This is a subtler meaning of the 'favorite off-site resource' part of ...
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Update required for the close questions help page?

Referring to: Specifically for duplicates it states: When should I vote to close a question? Questions should be ...
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Why is my question closed?

My question was closed. Can someone please explain to me why this is? None of the people who voted to close it left a comment. The inbuilt message says it was closed because "We expect answers to ...
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What is wrong with this question

I asked following question on enquiring about the approach I should adopt while writing tests for controllers in REST api application? Within few hours it was downvoted three times but none of the ...
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