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3 votes
0 answers

Could those comments be moved to chat, and is this the right way to ask it?

My answer got a substantial amount of comments. The user commenting the most suggested recently to continue the discussion in chat, and this is indeed a great idea. Would it be possible to move the ...
9 votes
1 answer

How do you get 20 rep to get into chat?

People keep telling me that there is this wonderful area in Stack Exchange where you can ask questions called "chat" or "The Whiteboard", but it keeps saying that I need 20 reputation. I have such ...
5 votes
3 answers

Should the comment detection bot be moved to a separate chat room?

See: New SE Chat Bot feature for identifying when Programmers is mentioned on Stack Overflow Right now, the chat bot is publishing messages into The Whiteboard, the main chat room for Programmers. ...
8 votes
0 answers

Why did the feed ban me from chat?

I was just banned from chat over this comment, which, to my eye looks fairly innocuous. Comment history before someone blew it away Clicking on the Feeds profile brought me to here Can anyone shed ...
2 votes
1 answer

Some cat ate The Whiteboard; Chat has broke

It would appear as though The Whiteboard has been swallowed whole like an egg roll by this cat: Help?
7 votes
2 answers

Can we get a simple way to initiate a chat?

The answer to this chat-related question leads to a feature request: A simple way to notify and invite someone to chat regardless of whether they've ever chatted before or not. Story: As a [...
5 votes
0 answers

Very Annoying Chat Defect

If you are using Chrome and: your resolution is 1366x768 Your window is maximized A link is the last word of the last line of the message Then, if you attempt to click on the the link is covered by ...
4 votes
1 answer

Can the SE chat bot post our blog posts in the Whiteboard?

The SE chat bot posts new Stack Exchange blog posts in The Whiteboard, can it also do the same for our Community Blog? Please?
11 votes
2 answers

Can we change the name of the chat room? [closed]

Other Stack Exchange sites have interesting and descriptive names for their chat rooms while ours is just "Programmers". Would it be possible to change it to something more like those sites? Let's ...
2 votes
1 answer

Improving user participation in chat (and getting some good questions for the site)

I joined the chat at and was quite surprised to find it was pretty active (at least during work hours, which is usually when I'm around) I soon figured out that was because the ...
3 votes
1 answer

How to Invite someone to Chat that's not already in a chat room?

The FAQ says to use the Edit Room menu, but I didn't see any such menu. In other chat systems, INVITE USER was a big, obvious, and frequently-used button. Am I blind? EDIT: new feature requested ...