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What happened to my bounty?

I put a 100 rep bounty on this question. When using Redux/Redux-Saga - should JWTs be set in the action creators/sagas? I have just received an email say it has expired - but I am unable to award ...
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Why can't I vote to close a question with a bounty?

Surely a poor question is a poor question whether the OP believes that or not? Or do we just expect the normal voting process to have taken care of this before a bounty is even offered?
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Open bounty prevents closure

Looking at this "why is it? "question I see it has 1 close vote and a bounty. I think its too vague to be a good question so I thought I'd give it a close vote - but when I attempted to do so, it was ...
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What to do with the question with an opened bounty which was radically changed after being answered?

The author of this recent question, after receiving a valid answer, completely rewrote his question, invalidating the answer. The author also opened a bounty. What should be done with such questions? ...
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What happens to a bounty when a question is closed?

So I recently posted an answer to this question. At the time I posted it, it had a 50 rep bounty on it. I knew it was a "shopping" question, but decided to post anyway. Now, it's been closed by a ...
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Is it possible and/or ethically correct to add a bounty to a question I answer to?

I posted an answer to a question I view interesting, and that I often asks myself, namely Should I add parameters to instance methods that use those instance fields as parameters?. I would like to ...
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Offering Bounties on Blog Topics?

Suppose I have a vested interest in seeing a blog post about a particular subject be written by a domain expert who may be reluctant to do it of their own volition. Would there be a good way of ...
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How can I put a bounty on other people's questions?

I know the idea of Stack Exchange sites, and the concept of ranking. If I see a question that really interests me, I might put a bounty on it, and if someone answers it to my liking, give them the ...
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When will I be able to start a bounty on my questions?

What would you add in this Software Development Project Checklist? I would like to start a bounty there. It's not always possible. What are the rules?
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