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This is a great forum but career questions are often interesting and people like reading/responding to them. Why not allow these types of questions as long as they are tagged "career"? Are there any ...
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Redefine what constitutes an off-topic career or job question [duplicate]

I propose that we redefine what constitutes an off-topic question. Currently, we define a question that does not 100% apply only to software developers as a profession as off-topic. Lately I have ...
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Are career questions acceptable or not? [duplicate]

faq says it is not about career advice, salary or compensation, I see lots of career questions asked on programmers.stackexchange, some closed, many not. For example, https://softwareengineering....
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Career Development Questions - Moving rather than closing? [duplicate]

I was surprised to see that the top five questions on programmers.SE this morning were closed as off topic. As is often the case, they were all career development questions. Since there seems to be ...
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Why can't I ask a question about a career? [duplicate]

Why can't I ask a question about career progression? I posted a question last night and the question has been removed! I am a little shocked as to why I can't ask a question here? Is it because it's ...
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Are career questions OK if both the question and answers contain generally applicable information? [duplicate]

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Ideas about a project and guidance on career enhancement aren't off-topic? [duplicate]

What I understand from the FAQ is that any question concerning Ideas for a project and career enhancement doesn't seem appropriate for the site, no matter in what context or manner they are put up. ...
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Career Advice type questions [duplicate]

Perhaps a duplicate of Blacklist [career-advice] (status deferred) The FAQs state (inter alia): and it is not about... general workplace issues, office politics, résumé help, career ...
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Is discussion of models for hiring, promoting, and reviewing developers on-topic discussion?

Background tl;dr question is at the bottom I am currently working as a middle manager for a mid-market manufacturing company that has an IT department consisting of: 6 developers (one lead, two ...
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Is it allowed to ask questions about interview design questions? [duplicate]

The interview tag mentions not to ask related questions. I wonder if discussions on product/API/distributed system design, especially on how to prepare, what to consider in the design, are allowed?
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Where to ask questions about how to write a job application?

I have some special questions about 'job applications' for a software engineering job. Is this the right place to ask something about writing a job application?
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Is it allowed to ask questions about the content of a SE portfolio?

I have several questions about the content and requirements of a software engineer portfolio. For example: What kind of code examples are interesting? Which content is expected from a student ...
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