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(4 years later) Dear Stack Exchange: can we change our site name?

Four years ago we asked for a name change, which was rejected by SE because there was no evidence to support the claim it was causing user confusion, and there were other things the site should focus ...
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It's official! Programmers is now Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Awww yeah. WOoooooooOOOOoooOOOOOoooT! PARTY TIME. Check out that domain name and logo! Thanks Stack Exchange :-) If you see any problems anywhere, please leave an answer to this question so we can ...
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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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Follow-Up 2: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

After a discussion today (July 22nd) with Ana and Shog9, we've made some more progress toward a new site name and scope. You can check out the transcript for the full details, but we talked about the ...
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I'm not a software engineer, right?

So is going to become This means I still can't ask the burning questions about proper potted plants for programmers.... AND THAT IS OK BY ME But, I do have ...
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What is the history behind the site scope change from NPR to "conceptual questions about software development"?

How did the topic of this site to change from "Not-Programming-Related" to "conceptual questions about software development"? I've tried looking through meta questions to find where the change in ...
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Follow-Up: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

I've been pondering these proposed changes to the site's name and scope for the past few weeks. This was, you'll recall, instigated by Ana's response to Rachel's proposal for a new name for this site.....
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Green fields, blue skies, and the white board - what is too broad?

I've been accused of having questions that are too blue sky-y or green fieldy and not white boardy enough. What does this mean and why do those questions get closed?
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What types of legal questions are on-topic here?

I know legal issues are in the faq as on-topic but I could not find an existing discussion of it. Do legal questions such as the iPhone issue or non-paying customer question really have a place here? ...
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I have a question, but it may not fit best on Software Engineering. Where else can I ask it?

What other Stack Exchange sites are there that may be able to answer my questions about software engineering or software development?
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When is a software licensing question on topic?

I would like to ask a question about software licensing. The help center says: If you have a question about... ... software licensing and it is not about... ... legal advice or aid It seems like ...
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Where does my tool question go?

I have a question about tools. According to the on-topic page, tool questions are off-topic on Software Engineering Stack Exchange. Is there a site for me to go to ask specific tool questions?
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Should I answer a question which belongs on Stack Overflow?

I always believed that there is an important distinction between off-topic questions which are... well, “plain off-topic”, and the ones which are off-topic because they simply belong on a different SE ...
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How do you get 20 rep to get into chat?

People keep telling me that there is this wonderful area in Stack Exchange where you can ask questions called "chat" or "The Whiteboard", but it keeps saying that I need 20 reputation. I have such ...
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Call for volunteers: close voters

Programmers could benefit from a few more regular visitors who close questions on the front page and the Unanswered page that are clearly off-topic. "Clearly off-topic" means: We don't do ...
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