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How to make my question community wiki? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Purpose of Community Wiki I just posted this question. I saw no options to make it community wiki. I remember that option. Why I don't see it?
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Why would anyone accept an answer?

I'm looking at the questions proposed during the Area 51 process: My supervisor thinks that all If statements should include else statements. Do you agree? What are common mistakes in Software ...
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Remove CW conversion at 30 answers

Since most questions here can have an unlimited number of answers, I think the automatic conversion to CW when a question receives 30 answers should be removed. See also: Purpose of Community Wiki
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What to do with Community Wiki? [closed]

Edit: Problem solved. As Mark Trapp points out, normal users can no longer mark CW. The consensus seems to be that community wiki is useless here, and we've been pointing this out in various question ...
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Should we have a "not subjective enough" close reason? [closed]

To delininate what makes this site different from All questions here should be inherently subjective and unanswerable, and all the answers to said questions should be 100% based ...
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What types of subjective questions are not acceptable?

There are now a lot of questions that are of the same caliber: What's your favourite programming quote? What is your favorite “programmer” cartoon? What is your favorite editor/IDE? What's your ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

One of the big 7 questions.
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Lots of subjective questions here [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow? It seems like half of this site should be community wiki. Also, what kind of questions are supposed to go ...
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What are questions where "every answer is equally valid"?

Short version: Is this the same as a question "without a definitive answer"? Long version: Personally, I understood "subjective" to mean, "without a definitive answer", yet I keep seeing ...
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How should we handle questions currently closed on SO?

Note (copied from Mark Trapp's answer) This question was posted before the Great Disciplining of Programmers.SE and is rendered obsolete by the following resources: Programmers.SE FAQ Good Subjective,...
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