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(4 years later) Dear Stack Exchange: can we change our site name?

Four years ago we asked for a name change, which was rejected by SE because there was no evidence to support the claim it was causing user confusion, and there were other things the site should focus ...
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Are you still confused about what Programmers (now called Software Engineering) is for?

I'm going to try and keep this short, because a lot of it has already been discussed. If you are interested in the history, you can find it here on Programmers Meta, but here's a very brief recap: ...
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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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What is the history behind the site scope change from NPR to "conceptual questions about software development"?

How did the topic of this site to change from "Not-Programming-Related" to "conceptual questions about software development"? I've tried looking through meta questions to find where the change in ...
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Where to start?

Often the question shows up of something along the lines of: I'm trying to learn language XYZ. Where should I start? or I'm trying to do ${very large project}. Where should I start? Why are ...
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On discussions and why they don't make good questions

I'll start off with the irony of this question being tagged with a discussion and point out that meta is different. Why don't discussion questions work in Stack Exchange? What is it about the ...
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Change the name of Programmers to something that more accurately reflects the site scope? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up to the discussion on renaming the site to match its FAQ, or changing the FAQ to match the site name. That discussion is one of the highest voted questions on here, so this ...
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How to improve our style for reacting on "low quality questions"?

The last week we had seen (again) some discussions here what is "wrong" with this site, why are here so many closed and downvoted questions and why people are interpreting this as "hostility" and "...
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Green fields, blue skies, and the white board - what is too broad?

I've been accused of having questions that are too blue sky-y or green fieldy and not white boardy enough. What does this mean and why do those questions get closed?
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Programmers SE has become a site to avoid

As weird as the scope for this site is, I try to follow it with the occasional question I ask here. I'm also generally a positive person. But again and again i come here and get a negative response. ...
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Is this site failing? And should it go away? [duplicate]

Fact 1 At the time I write this, 12 of the 15 questions on the questions front page have net downvotes. That is an extreme statistical outlier on stackexchange. Other sites tend to have between 1 and ...
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If the scope is wrong, which of these questions belong here?

Over in Is this site failing? And should it go away? I posted this list and haven't gotten a satisfactory response yet. If the site's scope is at issue, then some percentage of these questions should ...
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Can we resuscitate more content?

Noobs everywhere Ok, so we have people new to programming, poor English speakers, and sometimes their intersection asking questions here. Their questions aren't always the best, but sometimes there ...
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New, perhaps improper tag to old question

I just noticed a recent change on this old question: How to apologize when you have broken the nightly build Some "senior" member of Programmers added xkcd-1305, while (to me) the question has ...
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