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Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative Phase II

Back in 2012, we launched the Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative (STCI). It was very successful in identifying tags to create, merge, remove, and blacklist. However, it has been about 3 years since ...
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The Six Subjective Question Guidelines -- Enforcement Notice

Just a quick note here on meta to let everyone know we will be enforcing these six subjective question guidelines. Great subjective questions... inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”. tend to ...
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The number of votes required to close and reopen questions is temporarily reduced . . . for science!

This experiment is over. I will be adding an answer to show the results and suggest a plan for going forward. For the next 30 days, closing a question will require just 3 votes. Also 3 votes will be ...
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Change the name of Programmers to something that more accurately reflects the site scope? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up to the discussion on renaming the site to match its FAQ, or changing the FAQ to match the site name. That discussion is one of the highest voted questions on here, so this ...
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Why was 'How can I deal with the cargo-cult programming attitude?' reopened?

The post was closed yesterday by five community members as 'too broad'. It has 34 answers, and it really becomes a poll/discussion of ideas. Very few of these answers are well thought out and serve ...
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Why are we getting so many off topic 'debug this for me' questions? what can we do about it?

Yes, this is a duplicate of Using Programmers as "learning and training area" for Stack Overflow kind questions intended to re-ask the question more clearly and without the tangents of ...
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Recent Trouble With Popularity

A few recent questions seem to exhibit issues explained in The Trouble With Popularity article: we discovered that these posts... truly start to drown out everything else on the site... it's too ...
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What questions recently closed can be salvaged?

When people ask about Programmers.SE being too negative, closing too many things, or needing to be more inclusive - the best way to approach this is probably to look at the questions that have been ...
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Historical locked trash, please delete

I cannot flag this question for deletion, nor vote to delete it. It has been apparently decided that it should be locked, so that it may fester in our backlog permanently. I disagree. I should like ...
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Programmers tag line is misleading. Can we rephrase it? [closed]

I think the Programmers tag line is misleading when mixed with our site name, and that it implies on first glance that the site is about "Programmers [interested in conceptual questions about software ...
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The system supports questions with multiple answers poorly (and is becoming worse at it)

TL;DR Can the system do something to help us more efficiently handle quality of the content in questions with multiple answers? Recently I've seen notes from Stack Exchange staff about how it would ...
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Grant more close votes for close reviewers

Based upon a recent answer1, 2 to a previous question of mine, I'd like to re-visit an older request. Please give all close voters3 on Programmers 50 votes instead of the standard 244. Why? All of ...
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