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Is it possible to exercise discretion when a question violates site rules? [duplicate]

I posted the question which, I learned violated the site rules: Questions asking us to find ...
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Would this be an on-topic question here? [duplicate]

I asked this question on SO, but it's likely going to be closed for being OT. Would it be on topic here?
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Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative Phase II

Back in 2012, we launched the Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative (STCI). It was very successful in identifying tags to create, merge, remove, and blacklist. However, it has been about 3 years since ...
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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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The number of votes required to close and reopen questions is temporarily reduced . . . for science!

This experiment is over. I will be adding an answer to show the results and suggest a plan for going forward. For the next 30 days, closing a question will require just 3 votes. Also 3 votes will be ...
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Downvoting because we don't agree with asker's approach or logic

I often find myself tempted to downvote a question because the asker has a fundamental misunderstanding of a pattern they are using, or an absurd approach to the problem they are trying to solve. ...
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What is the problem with "Pros and Cons"?

<Some question about design or product> What are the pros and cons? Sometimes, these questions get closed as 'too broad' or 'primarily opinion'. Why is that?
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Are "when do I use X" questions on-topic on SoftwareEngineering?

I've got a question regarding template specializations in C++: I understand what this is, but do not understand when and why it should be used (examples that I have are not great). Quoting the last ...
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How to ask for a list of usable criteria

In this post, I've asked for a list of criteria I can use to make a correct choice for a programming environment. I received some pretty useless comments, and then, apparently after not more than 25 ...
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This question isn't remotely subjective

Why was the caret used for XOR instead of exponentiation? Seriously though, this question asks for a specific reasoning - it doesn't encourage (nor would I accept) subjectivity or conjecture. It has ...
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This question about why many programming languages do not support named arguments is not opinon based and should be reopened

I found the question Why do many languages not support named parameters? I saw that it has been closed as opinion-based. However, I would argue that this question is not really opinion based. Is ...
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How is this question not focussed?

"Which programming languages support closures?" seems pretty straight forward and focussed? That is, there is a clear question, a reference to what closures are (so there cannot be confusion)...
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Would "Has <programming practice> ever gone badly wrong" questions be on topic here?

I'm wondering if questions about whether a given programming practice has ever been the cause of a large problem, would be on topic here. Note that when I say "programming practice" I mean a way of ...
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Is asking about funny related topics on-topic?

Most questions about design and coding patterns are on-topic here, I know, but... What about questions regarding a funny approach to anti-patterns? In my case I would like to know existent currently ...
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Refined question that was closed as unclear

My Question was closed as unclear. It was not really bad from the beginning but some people still did not understand what I meant. Maybe because they were not familar with the example I made. But I ...
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