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(4 years later) Dear Stack Exchange: can we change our site name?

Four years ago we asked for a name change, which was rejected by SE because there was no evidence to support the claim it was causing user confusion, and there were other things the site should focus ...
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Follow-Up: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

I've been pondering these proposed changes to the site's name and scope for the past few weeks. This was, you'll recall, instigated by Ana's response to Rachel's proposal for a new name for this site.....
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Why are there so many closed, on hold, and down voted questions here?

Compared to Stack Overflow, the number of questions which are down-voted, put on hold, or closed is astounding. I think it's a sign that the criteria (and possibly usefulness) of this site is poorly ...
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Why can't we raise up questions quality?

I am a voracious StackExchange user, always I have a technical question I go to StackOverflow, also every morning I like to come here to programmer to read some more advanced questions and opinions ...
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Are we closing too many good questions now?

Something has changed ever since Programmers got out of beta. Too many good questions, which are fully in the spirit of the site, are getting closed prematurely. Mostly these questions seem to be ...
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On a name for the site and the questions asked

An often reoccurring idea that is mentioned is that maybe, if the site name was changed from "Programmers" to something else (SoftwareEngineering?) then maybe, people would stop asking off topic, too ...
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Cutting down on off topic posts

We are getting pummeled with the same off topic questions over and over again. So we clearly need to be doing a better job up front of educating first time posters. In the 'How to Ask' box that's ...
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Requiring registration to ask questions - did it made a difference?

In September 2012 registration requirement to ask questions has been introduced: In the past 60 days, 76% of all questions from unregistered users have been either down-voted below 0, closed, ...
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Why are so many questions closed?

Why is there so many questions on this stackexchange site closed? I mean far more than usual. Even very high quality discussions are closed. Doesn't this high number of closed questions with high ...
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Let's help askers who are trying to circumvent question block at Stack Overflow

If a first time asker has an SO account that was recently (say, within a week) question blocked over there, how about showing them a warning like this: Wait! You've recently been blocked at Stack ...
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There are way more negative votes in the top 50 questions than positive. Time to think

I am a software lead in a company and I would say I am a seasoned professional. Nevertheless I find myself scared to ask questions here, A look on the page of the first 50 newest questions counts: ...
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Why are almost half the questions on the front page marked "closed"?

I peek into Programmers Stack Exchange every once in a while and I keep noticing a pattern: there are a whole lot of [CLOSED]-marked questions. What is behind this? Are people unclear on what is or ...
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Why are so many questions closed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are so many questions closed? I just joined this stackexchange, and I'm sure this question will get closed like so many others as being subjective or "not constructive". I ...
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Could we please detect troublesome questions using Stack Overflow data and offload them to Triage review for an hour or two?

Propose to detect troublesome questions using Stack Overflow quality scoring data and put them to Triage queue for an hour or two. If the timeout expires before decision is made, let questions go to ...
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How to have nice things

At last year's Summit Joel Spolsky gave a talk entitled "How to Have Nice Things" in which he described why there must be rules on content based factual sites and why the rules that exist on SE are ...
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