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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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What goes on Software Engineering (previously known as Programmers)? A guide for Stack Overflow

Moderator Note: Programmers changed its name recently to Software Engineering. This post has been updated to reflect the new scope, but it still refers to Programmers for historical reasons. Wherever ...
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On the troubles of naming and terminology

Difficulty with naming has a bit of a history with programming. There are two hard problems in computer science: caching, naming, and off by one errors. It has been repeatedly revisited on meta ...
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How can I write a good custom close message?

We only have so many canned, built in, close reasons. There are so many other reasons to close something at times - giving a better message than trying to shoehorn the reason to close something into ...
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How okay is it to rehash and repost an old question without referring the source?

I noticed this in a question from today: I remember there was another question on this site regarding this, but it was less focused, and the answers haven't satisfied me The question was ...
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Was this really a broad question?

I asked the question: Is it fundamentally possible to validate that an unmodified version of your client connects to your server? Which to me, looks like a very specific question to which the ...
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Sidebar is FAQ'ed, lets update the FAQ tags

Yes! The sidebar has been FAQed! Our faq has 18 questions in it while faq-proposed has 40 more. What questions should move there for easier access for people unfamiliar with the workings of meta? ...
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Are our judgments of "too broad" too broad?

I noticed a trend in a couple recent questions. Identifying plagiarized jokes? [closed] (Two jokes with different proper nouns or slightly different word order may actually be the same joke.) How to ...
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Is "what algorithm could solve my problem?" off topic?

This question asks what kind of algorithm could be used to solve a particular problem. It has received a close vote as a resource request. That was my first instict, too, but actually asking about ...
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Can I ask for feedback on a list of ideas and thoughts, and the pros and cons I could think of, about designing a chess game?

I'd like to try coding a program to play chess. Therefore, to help myself, I'm writing down some possible choices that I will have to make to design the program (e.g. what data type for the chessboard,...
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Is there anything wrong with this question?

Is there anything wrong with this question? Can it be fixed or should it for any reason be deleted? [Edit] The question talks about high-level concepts that are relatively common and well-known. It ...
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What is wrong with this question ABOUT programing? what is wrong with this question, in gods name, can someone tell me what the problem ...
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What is wrong with the given question?

I am struggling for a couple of times to put a good question for discussion. I need help to understand what is wrong with the this questions?
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Would a question along the lines of 'what is the link between one programming language and another' be on topic?

I am curious to know the relationship between a language I program in and another, older, language which influenced it. There is no specific aspect I'm interested in, it's more that I am interested to ...
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Is this question appropriate for the Programmers Stack Exchange?

Is this question appropriate for the Programmers Stack Exchange site? If not, is there a Stack Exchange site frequented by folks in the software industry where this question would be appropriate? ...
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