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Is this the right place for a question about hosting e-commerce improvement

I work as a developer (focused on design and frontend - some knowladge on backend / server) but I work alone providing full service for my clients. One of them has an e-commerce growing a lot! To a ...
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Looking for where to post "Is Apple tacitly declaring independence / indifference regarding MacOS's Unix roots?"

I've had a couple of posts recently that really prompt me to question whether Apple still really cares about Unix users. One of these posts was
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Is this a question with answers or should I look elsewhere

My employer has instituted a policy whereby access to github is blocked at the network level. So if you attempt to go there using http/s its blocked, regardless of what you are accessing. This was ...
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Why lot of questions are closed on the name of 'primarily opinion-based'

Why lot of questions are closed on the name of being 'primarily opinion-based' ? All the answers I read here are primarily opinion based because the questions of this field are of that nature (...
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How is this question not focussed?

"Which programming languages support closures?" seems pretty straight forward and focussed? That is, there is a clear question, a reference to what closures are (so there cannot be confusion)...
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Why was my question so quickly deleted by a moderator?

I asked a question and it was deleted WITHOUT any polite explanation, by Thomas Owens: I want to learn Symfony but I think, learning Symfony as a first framework is a TITANIC task for someone who ...
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Is the question ok here?

I am interested in the answer to the following question: ( Mathematical model for a webpage layout? - ...
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Are [video lectures] useful?

Let's burninate tag video-lectures. As of now, there are 5 questions in this tag. All appear to be off-topic education advice / off-site resource requests. None looks worth keeping. https://...
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What's wrong with proving best practices through statistics?

The guidance for off-topic questions has this to say about the use of statistics: Asking for a link to something or statistics This is a subtler meaning of the 'favorite off-site resource' part of ...
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what's wrong with question: on listening to java http requests

I asked a question basically on packet sniffing (or whatever the term might be). ** How to identify http requests made from a closed-source java app? ** Instead of asking on StackOverflow, I ...
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Where can I go to ask programming professionals about career advice? [duplicate]

I am a junior Java developer and would like to receive some career advice from programming professionals. Programmers Stack Exchange doesn't allow personal career advice, but where should I go to ask ...
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Reopen good, but duplicate, question

This post was closed as a duplicate, which perhaps it is, but the original question contains a single answer that doesn't really add much to the question. The recent, duplicate question has many more ...
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criteria to judge if question is well framed or not

I would like to understand the criteria to judge if question if well formed or not. For example, recent question posted here received three down votes. I still think question is well defined and ...
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Can I ask here the Qn about technology comparison here? [duplicate]

Today I asked this Qn, but got downvoted and about to close: Are there any comparison for Qt vs .Net core for server development? We want to build a server which can be scalable for future purpose. ...
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Why was my career related question considered off-topic? [duplicate]

Here is the link to the question that was considered off-topic: I read the answer to another question on here (meta.programmers....
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