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Why does Meta have a close reason 'primarily opinion based'?

I was very surprised to see that Meta questions can be closed as 'primarily opinion based'. IMHO, that doesn't make much sense :-) Can the close reasons on Meta be different from the ones on ...
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Are questions about HR approaches to hiring *specifically* programmers on topic?

I was considering asking a question about programmer skill not correlating to experience versus HR/job offers pretty much defined by their "years of experience" qualifiers. It may still be too broad ...
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Why are questions asking for resources about conceptual problems that age well off-topic?

From Can I ask for resource recommendations here?: Resource requests are asking for specific resources that are relevant to the broader concepts. Links to tutorials and blogs can stagnate: if you ...
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Where to ask questions about how to write a job application?

I have some special questions about 'job applications' for a software engineering job. Is this the right place to ask something about writing a job application?
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Why is my question getting so many down votes? What am I doing wrong (despite being a newcomer in this community)

The question in specific is this one: Integrity rules for Document-based DBs from the DDD perspective I'm getting down votes with no explanation. And I truly think it's a valid question. Possible ...
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Question about new features in C# 7? Valid for here?

I have some concerns about some of the new features in C# 7. To me they seem to encourage bad practices or solve very minor problems. I'd like to ask people for some practical examples of when ...
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Where Do I Vote to Reopen a Question?: I Don't See Where to Do This

The following question has been closed: How can I apply Six Sigma in a software development environment? I feel it is a very valid question and have some sub-questions for it. I can't find where ...
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Is the question ok here?

I am interested in the answer to the following question: ( Mathematical model for a webpage layout? - ...
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is there any stackexchange subdomain that I can ask opinion based questions?

Some time I have some question that are opinion based, but I need to know what good programmers think what is better to do on that situation. So is there any stackexchange subdomain that I can ask ...
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Does asking a question perceived as too broad warrant a down-vote / close-vote, without discussion?

We'll this recently happened to me, and now I'm out for social justification, so to speak...I'm quite an avid user of StackOverflow, so I do realize that the use of the voting mechanism had been ...
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Where can I go to ask programming professionals about career advice? [duplicate]

I am a junior Java developer and would like to receive some career advice from programming professionals. Programmers Stack Exchange doesn't allow personal career advice, but where should I go to ask ...
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Question deleted even though there are similar questions on the site

I fond similar questions on the site, so decided it was the right place to ask it here. I have provided those questions in the comments. And the question was not just closed, it was deleted by a ...
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Why is this still too broad?

Learning programming language specifically designed for that company So I've edited the question, and I think I'm right to point, and question is still on hold. What needs to be done to be "on topic"...
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Can questions put on hold be taken off hold

A question I asked was put on hold. I have edited and instead am asking for guidance on how I can build a SAAS app. Does this question have scope to be taken off hold and attract some answers ? Or ...
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Is it deemed off-topic to ask how come that many commercial companies rely on a specific freeware software?

I'd like to ask the reason why many commercial software companies are using a freeware tool for their product lifecycle by giving the company which produces this tool an advantage and the power to put ...
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