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Why do programmers reduce MI problem to (4-point) Diamond rather than with (3-point) Joint?

I was allowed to ask at meta because my question was locked. Probably I had to start with revising what programming mainstream tells about the topic. That is after all the core of my concern, ...
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Help Center tuning: "help/on-topic/and it is not about..." += references to meta guidance

Per recent discussion, I drafted some updates I'd like to have in Help Center -> What topics can I ask about here, section not about... Added text is in bold, deleted is crossed, and some links are ...
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Is my question, about TypeScript and learning difficulties off-topic because I suggest supporting claims with evidence?

I asked and defined what I though were objective criteria, and hoped to leverage the site's expertise in a software engineering topic (I ...
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So apparently it's illegal to talk about technology difficulty here?

I tried creating a question asking what work is involved in creating a facial recognition app and got recommendations on my life and how to spend my free time... I want to talk about what kind of ...
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Why asking for books recommendation is OffTopic and be closed instead? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are book recommendations on-topic? I asked this question and someone closed it. Why asking for books recommendation is OffTopic and be closed instead? I see a lot of books ...
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Sidebar is FAQ'ed, lets update the FAQ tags

Yes! The sidebar has been FAQed! Our faq has 18 questions in it while faq-proposed has 40 more. What questions should move there for easier access for people unfamiliar with the workings of meta? ...
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Is "Are there existing formal standards targeted to airbag controlling software?" on-topic on "Programmers"?

Is the following an on-topic question on Programmers? Are there existing formal standards targeted to airbag controlling software? I think for example at IEC 62304. To give a bit of context: I ...
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Can I ask for resource recommendations here?

I wish to ask what are the good resources to understand Python source code written in C language. Like there a book for Ruby i.e. Ruby under a microscope. It deals with low level implementation of ...
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Questions related to "deliberate practice" are all marked duplicate, locked, or closed

There exists an excellent question: How to Deliberately Practice Software Engineering? This question is marked a duplicate of the following questions: Continuous Professional development – the best ...
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Why the question got deleted?

I have a question about my Software Engineering Stack Exchange post: OAuth2 separate Authorization Validation Server trust Why the question got deleted? And why no reason was specified/can be ...
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How is this question not focussed?

"Which programming languages support closures?" seems pretty straight forward and focussed? That is, there is a clear question, a reference to what closures are (so there cannot be confusion)...
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Broaden Allowed Questions : Project/Team Management

I am wondering why the following question has been downvoted How to distribute code reviews workload in a small team? Clearly, code reviews and team dynamics are not pure software engineering. But ...
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Where can I see what kind of questions are or are not relevant on /programmers?

Where can I see what kind of questions are or are not relevant on /programmers? From usability point of view, it's pretty hard to find.
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Is it insufficient to get upvoted to keep asking?

I've been met with the message You have reached your question limit and clicking the link explain that the site won't accept questions from my account anymore. This was a shock. I've checked the ...
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Reopen UUID collision probability question?

I'm researching implementing UUIDs in an app for the first time, and the very first thing I want to know is 'what is the probability of collisions'. I think it's an incredibly important software ...
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