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Question marked as opinion-based—I'm seeking facts and references

I'm a little confused as to the nature of the 'opinion-based' categorization. I asked this question: Is there a design rationale behind the PHP-Style Nested Webform pattern?. I pointed out that this ...
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There are way more negative votes in the top 50 questions than positive. Time to think

I am a software lead in a company and I would say I am a seasoned professional. Nevertheless I find myself scared to ask questions here, A look on the page of the first 50 newest questions counts: ...
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How gnat has proper comment for almost every question?

gnat always got nice comments to bad questions. For example this. Is this some script? Or he writes them manually?
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Are software law questions off-topic here?

Most of the answers to legal questions here are prefixed with "I'm not a lawyer, but..." I'm beginning to think that including "software law" as on-topic is way too broad, and opens the door to ...
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What kinds of questions should I avoid asking here?

This post is a supplement to the Help Center Article of the same name. That article, in a nutshell, describes questions that are either too broad, too opinionated, or too discussion-oriented to make ...
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Why was my question so quickly deleted by a moderator?

I asked a question and it was deleted WITHOUT any polite explanation, by Thomas Owens: I want to learn Symfony but I think, learning Symfony as a first framework is a TITANIC task for someone who ...
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Contradiction in the site's scope definition?

The "don't ask" page of the site says, a good question should insist on answers where opinion is backed up with facts and references. But when a question - even when well written and ...
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Why was this newly historically locked?

I've expounded on locked questions before and mentioned that these often age poorly. If something is to be locked, especially today, it should have some amount of moderation and curation done. These ...
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Where to ask about IT terminology?

I have a question regarding my question: (10K link) With this question, I want to learn ...
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add "finding a good book for ____" to off-topic section

Currently the on-topic page reads: and it is not about... general workplace issues, office politics, and job hunting (check out The Workplace instead) implementation issues, such as ...
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Current events - Questions and answers

Related: The coding for charity Q. Any hope of ever being on-topic? How can programming ability be used to ...
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Are career questions acceptable or not? [duplicate]

faq says it is not about career advice, salary or compensation, I see lots of career questions asked on programmers.stackexchange, some closed, many not. For example, https://softwareengineering....
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Are we using "Unclear what you are asking" correctly?

There's a question what is the meaning of manage c++? that is pretty clearly not a good fit for this site. There's a duplicate on SO, and the question was more or less answered in the comments. I'm ...
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Most top rated questions could've been closed

My first and only question on this site has been closed. I've a fair amount of rep on SO and I know how things work here. Before asking it I have read the FAQ and the What topics can I ask about here? ...
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Why book questions tend to get downvoted and closed?

I noticed that a lot of questions related to books and book recommendations are getting downvoted and closed. This question suggests that some people have negative attitude towards such type of ...
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