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Two sample specific questions about books and tools

Would be the following questions acceptable on Programmers site: Few years ago book XYZ by AuthorSoAndSo was considered the book on ABC. Is it still the case? Has it become outdated? In job posts I ...
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what's wrong with question: on listening to java http requests

I asked a question basically on packet sniffing (or whatever the term might be). ** How to identify http requests made from a closed-source java app? ** Instead of asking on StackOverflow, I ...
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Where to ask a question about what language/framework to use for coding a math game? [duplicate]

I am wanting to write a little math training game that can run in the browser where users can do exercises with, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, in a range from 0 - 100. The ...
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criteria to judge if question is well framed or not

I would like to understand the criteria to judge if question if well formed or not. For example, recent question posted here received three down votes. I still think question is well defined and ...
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Phrasing a question about technical leadership readiness

I'd like to pose a question, which goes something like this: 'What are some signs that one is ready for a technical leadership role' or 'How does one know that they're ready for a technical ...
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How is it valid that a question considers another question a duplicate, but that other question was considered off topic?

This question cites two duplicates, one of which is this question, which was closed as off topic, with the specific reason "primarily opinion-based". I don't hang out much in this SE, but usually ...
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