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What is this "Software Engineering" site you speak of, and what kinds of questions can I ask there?

Programmers has changed its name. Why has this name change occurred? Has anything else changed? What kinds of questions will I be able to ask, now that the name has changed?
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cross-site duplicates and migration

I just saw a question about pre and post increment operators in programmers. I don't often ...
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Cross Site Questions

I think we should allow for a question to be listed on multiple sites, if it meets the charter of both sites. There would be a feature similar to the "migrate" feature except it will be a "share with ...
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Is this resource request question on-topic? was asked after a related question was closed. gnat posted a comment that detailed: ...
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Where to ask questions about how to write a job application?

I have some special questions about 'job applications' for a software engineering job. Is this the right place to ask something about writing a job application?
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Please link to discussions which lead to a transition to the current (strict, less personal) question expectations [duplicate]

"I dislike that so much valuable information gets deleted for the sake of "maintaining a clean site", dislike the way many users are treated (particularly new ones), and dislike the way the ...
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Isn't this a good site for "What language is this?" questions? [duplicate]

Surprisingly, there seem to be no posts about this on meta yet. So, if you were active on scientific SE sites you have noticed every single one has a identification tag. On stack-overflow, only ...
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Reopen request - Will java be relevant in 5 years?

Will Java still be relevant in 5 years? It had 40 upvotes and 4 years has passed It has 40 000 views. Anyone considering to start learning java will google "future of java" All they get is this ...
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Why is this question closed (_and_ locked)?

"Comments are a code smell" From the FAQ, I would expect it to fall under the "good" topic of Software Engineering, and from Good Subjective, Bad Subjective, it seems to meet almost all the ...
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A long premise to the contribute which psychology can do to Meta communities [duplicate]

Please seat comfortable and take some time. I will not be synthetic, but it will be interesting, try to read it completely and see if you like. Try to judge only after reading the whole document :-) ...
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Suggestion on not-constructive questions [duplicate]

I understand that some questions tends to be subjective, like "what is the best IDE for JavaScript". That said, no one will deny it is a question that many people will ask many times. As far as I ...
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Putting soft questions on hold unproductive? [duplicate]

I understand you want questions that can be answered definitively, that's the point of a stack. But given how many sappy personal advice questions you're getting, maybe it's time to create a support ...
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Why was my question about software awards closed? [duplicate]

This question: Is about the software development industry and is very relevant to ...
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how to make this question about blogging more useful? [duplicate]

my question on blogging got put on hold for being unclear what help I need. Fair enough...
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Is programmers the right site for clothing issues? [duplicate]

I would like to know if is the right site to ask about clothing for coders etc. or if there is a better site.
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