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Does humour have a place on Stack-Exchange?

This is a serious question. As this is the Software Engineering Meta Stack Exchange, please approach the answer from that point of view. Specifically, if the answer is "Yes", how do we produce ...
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Where to ask questions about how to write a job application?

I have some special questions about 'job applications' for a software engineering job. Is this the right place to ask something about writing a job application?
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What is this "Software Engineering" site you speak of, and what kinds of questions can I ask there?

Programmers has changed its name. Why has this name change occurred? Has anything else changed? What kinds of questions will I be able to ask, now that the name has changed?
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Follow-Up: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

I've been pondering these proposed changes to the site's name and scope for the past few weeks. This was, you'll recall, instigated by Ana's response to Rachel's proposal for a new name for this site.....
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Great Expectations... or, at least, user expectations

Well I just saw a second Meta question expressing strong ill-will for this site after first witnessing this, seemingly well-trodden, battlefield. Given that I am already weary of it, I can only assume ...
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Is this site failing? And should it go away? [duplicate]

Fact 1 At the time I write this, 12 of the 15 questions on the questions front page have net downvotes. That is an extreme statistical outlier on stackexchange. Other sites tend to have between 1 and ...
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Please link to discussions which lead to a transition to the current (strict, less personal) question expectations [duplicate]

"I dislike that so much valuable information gets deleted for the sake of "maintaining a clean site", dislike the way many users are treated (particularly new ones), and dislike the way the ...
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cross-site duplicates and migration

I just saw a question about pre and post increment operators in programmers. I don't often ...
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Is there any point in this site still existing?

Observing the flurry of downvotes on a recent question, I took a moment to click over to Newest Questions and tally up the negatives. Of the most recent 50 questions at the time I counted, 25 of them ...
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Putting soft questions on hold unproductive? [duplicate]

I understand you want questions that can be answered definitively, that's the point of a stack. But given how many sappy personal advice questions you're getting, maybe it's time to create a support ...
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how to make this question about blogging more useful? [duplicate]

my question on blogging got put on hold for being unclear what help I need. Fair enough...
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Is programmers the right site for clothing issues? [duplicate]

I would like to know if is the right site to ask about clothing for coders etc. or if there is a better site.
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Isn't this a good site for "What language is this?" questions? [duplicate]

Surprisingly, there seem to be no posts about this on meta yet. So, if you were active on scientific SE sites you have noticed every single one has a identification tag. On stack-overflow, only ...
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Reopen request - Will java be relevant in 5 years?

Will Java still be relevant in 5 years? It had 40 upvotes and 4 years has passed It has 40 000 views. Anyone considering to start learning java will google "future of java" All they get is this ...
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Suggestion on not-constructive questions [duplicate]

I understand that some questions tends to be subjective, like "what is the best IDE for JavaScript". That said, no one will deny it is a question that many people will ask many times. As far as I ...
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