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What is the history behind the site scope change from NPR to "conceptual questions about software development"?

How did the topic of this site to change from "Not-Programming-Related" to "conceptual questions about software development"? I've tried looking through meta questions to find where the change in ...
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How to reconcile guidelines, community opinion and moderation

First of all, I realize that this topic has already been discussed ad nauseam, so I apologize in advance if nothing fruitful comes of this. I strongly feel that there is a large disconnect between ...
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What can we do to help users understand our site better?

As of right now, the close/migrated question rate for the past month or so is around 43% (see notes below) The majority of the closures are valid based on our site standards, however the fact users ...
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Summer of Love and questions that the FAQ says should not be asked

Recently Does C# give you “less rope to hang yourself” than C++? was asked - I thought the question was too wide in scope, voted to close and commented as such: From the FAQ: Your questions should ...
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Is providing more *flexibility* what P.SE needs?

As per Jeff's request (see comments), I will try to illustrate how I see things. The high number of closed questions and frustrated users complaints is a pretty good indication that our rules and/or ...
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I clearly got the wrong idea about what this site is about.

I have just signed up to this site in order to ask a specific programming question I thought would be unsuitable to ask on Stackoverlflow. My question was quickly closed down, here is a link to my ...
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Should the 'good question' criteria be revised, or, has flagging become over-zealous?

First off, let me say I love the community moderation system. I think it's tops. But I feel like too many questions that could elicit interesting answers (specifically, interesting as a programmer) ...
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Requiring registration to ask questions - did it made a difference?

In September 2012 registration requirement to ask questions has been introduced: In the past 60 days, 76% of all questions from unregistered users have been either down-voted below 0, closed, ...
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Usefulness of [career-development] and [career-transition] tags

A question was asked today that was a rant followed by a request for career advice on what the OP should do next. @Oded handled commenting to the OP that such questions were off-topic according to the ...
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Question migration—error terminology

I'm a mod on Academia, and someone recently posted the following question: What's the difference between fault, error and defect? Would this be on-topic here?
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