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What can we do to help users understand our site better?

As of right now, the close/migrated question rate for the past month or so is around 43% (see notes below) The majority of the closures are valid based on our site standards, however the fact users ...
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Are we Going down hill?

From what I was seeing overall question quality is going downhill, so on that hunch, Using Stack exchange's Data explorer ran the Following Query: Select CAST(year(p.CreationDate) as char(4))+'-'+...
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is this question OK? ("how to be... without a CS degree")

Is this question OK for Programmers? How to be a successful programmer without a CS degree To me "the essence of question" somehow does not feel quite right. This in essence, is my question:...
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Why was "Why aren't young programmers interested in mainframes?" re-opened?

Every day we get opinionated questions asked here. People seem to think that this is the place to ask them. New users point to the old open questions that have fallen through the cracks of time as ...
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Does the FAQ represent reality of this site?

I am having trouble getting to grips with Programmers despite having had good success on SO. My questions here keep getting closed. By my reading of the FAQ, my questions are good and on topic but I'm ...
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We have a scope problem with Software Engineering's tagline

Visitors to our site are taking the words "who care about delivering software responsibly" in our tagline as evidence of question topicality. Witness:
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Reducing user frustration

There has been some minor stir about a user who apparently rage-quit P.SE. This isn't exactly common, but it isn't exactly uncommon either. I admit to this being a less than idea question itself - I ...
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Can we make some concrete actions to adjust the website topic perception?

Over the past 24h, 22 questions have been posted and 15 have been closed. That means more than 68% of them have been closed. All those people couldn't be all wrong. I think it's how we present ...
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Should we change the Description of this Site in the FAQ?

The FAQ States the Following: What kind of questions can I ask here? Programmers — Stack Exchange is a site for professional programmers who are interested in getting expert answers on ...
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How can Programmers.SE be used to assist students with class assignments?

We've had recent discussions here on meta regarding how to handle homework questions, but I would like to turn the discussion around a bit. Instead of discussing how to handle these kinds of ...
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