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More evidence that we are going downhill [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are we Going down hill? In my last post a few people pointed out the that decline in average score and question count was not a good metric for showing the decline of this ...
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Are you still confused about what Programmers (now called Software Engineering) is for?

I'm going to try and keep this short, because a lot of it has already been discussed. If you are interested in the history, you can find it here on Programmers Meta, but here's a very brief recap: ...
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The Six Subjective Question Guidelines -- Enforcement Notice

Just a quick note here on meta to let everyone know we will be enforcing these six subjective question guidelines. Great subjective questions... inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”. tend to ...
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Renaming the site to match its FAQ or changing the FAQ to match the site name?

This site is called programmers.stackexchange, while the FAQ states that this site is about "conceptual questions about software development". Since a large number of people never read the FAQ, or ...
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What is the history behind the site scope change from NPR to "conceptual questions about software development"?

How did the topic of this site to change from "Not-Programming-Related" to "conceptual questions about software development"? I've tried looking through meta questions to find where the change in ...
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Frequently closing popular questions [duplicate]

Often on this site popular questions (either in terms of debate generated or upvotes) are closed for being against the mythical 6 guidelines. Basically, the 6 guidelines do not currently seem to ...
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Why are there so many closed, on hold, and down voted questions here?

Compared to Stack Overflow, the number of questions which are down-voted, put on hold, or closed is astounding. I think it's a sign that the criteria (and possibly usefulness) of this site is poorly ...
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Is high-profile user attrition a sign that a subjective SE won't work?

I recently read: Where did Pierre 303 go? He was an all-star! I understand that there are issues/difficulties that I'm ignorant of, and everyone wants programmers to be the best it can be, and a ...
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Are people less easy on the up-vote button?

I have seen many questions and answers on Programmers.SE and on Stack Overflow that I would consider older (maybe 2 years and more) and that are not so good compared to more recent posts. The funny ...
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Are you fed up with all the frustration that come here on meta?

Most meta posts are related to closed questions and misunderstanding about what sort of questions is allowed here. The problem is that we don't offer any alternative to the user that the become very ...
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Voting on questions that might fall in the "All Careers" circle of FAQ

Can we stop closing good questions simply because they could be applied to more than just programmers, if the answer is something that would be unique to developers, or if the question itself is ...
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Two Wrong Posts Don't Make A Right

I have noticed on a number of occasions that people complain that their question or answer has received attention from people asking them to fix it up, when there are other questions that are just as ...
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Programmers Stack Exchange question downvoting, what to do?

I've taken a shine to the Programmers Stack Exchange lately, but one thing I've noticed is it seems to have what I think anybody looking at the questions list would classify as excessive down voting ...
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Update our FAQ to improve the on-topic definition [closed]

There are two proposals here: The original proposal was to change the FAQ and site scope to more accurately reflect the site's name. It was created because of the votes and responses received on this ...
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Cross Site Questions

I think we should allow for a question to be listed on multiple sites, if it meets the charter of both sites. There would be a feature similar to the "migrate" feature except it will be a "share with ...
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