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banned again on Programmers.SE [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why am I getting “Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account”? I post a question here a while ago when I was banned. Then somehow my ban was lifted. After ...
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Please unblock me [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why am I getting “Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account”? Well I dont know whether to ask this in programmers meta is good or not, but please please ...
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Do moderators discretely neglect the FAQ when they close certain question and not others?

My question was close because it was off topic. Here it is It was asked in the context as developer. ...
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"You have reached your question limit" issue

I am not sure why I can't create new question for software engineering stack exchange. The message is "You have reached your question limit". It has been a week.
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Why have I reached question limit? My questions were not downvoted

I can't ask questions at anymore. Why? I don't see my questions downvoted:
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Does deleting a closed question remove a question ban?

I asked a question recently which was closed as being too broad. I disagreed with the reasoning, but I understand the position that programmers.SE moderators took on it and I want to ask questions ...
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We are no longer accepting questions from this account?

Can anyone shed a light on this ? My last question received two answers, no criticism and it was as comprehensive as possible. One closed vote without citing a reason. One upvote and a downvote ...
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Getting unblocked from asking questions

I don't really know how exactly that happened. I got a few questions that apparently weren't that great but now my account is not able to ask questions here. The thing is that I really got something ...
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Got a question ban with no recent deleted posts -- how to fix?

I got banned from Programmers.SE. I have one question with a score of 0 and one answer with a score of -1. I remember having a past question that was deleted, but it does not show up in "Recent ...
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Why is my account blocked from asking new questions when I've asked just one question with 0 downvotes?

My account has been blocked from asking new questions. Only 1 question asked (0 downvotes). Whats up? Why? Can I unblock this?
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