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Why was my question closed or down voted?

Help! My question was closed (or down voted). Why? And what can I do about it? Downvoted Duplicate Off topic What technology to take up next Recommend a software library, tool, book, research paper,...
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Should we continue to accept software licensing questions?

Our current guidance regarding software licensing can be found here. The current guidance says that a general rule of thumb is that questions answerable by experts in software development are on-topic,...
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Is there a consensus on Programmers Stack Exchange that programmers cannot authoritatively answer questions of copyright law?

I asked this this question. It was put on hold by Bart van Ingen Schenau, who kindly and patiently explained that he rejected the question because of a community consensus that programmers cannot ...
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Can we put "Software Licensing Questions are off-topic" in the FAQ?

These questions have a number of problems. They are questions about legal issues, and none of us are lawyers. They are proxy support questions for the FSF and other such organizations, who should be ...
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What types of legal questions are on-topic here?

I know legal issues are in the faq as on-topic but I could not find an existing discussion of it. Do legal questions such as the iPhone issue or non-paying customer question really have a place here? ...
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When is a software licensing question on topic?

I would like to ask a question about software licensing. The help center says: If you have a question about... ... software licensing and it is not about... ... legal advice or aid It seems like ...
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Reconciling "no legal advice" and "yes software licensing" [duplicate]

In this question, I had a disagreement with the original asker about whether a legal advice / software licensing question is on topic. I now think that I was wrong when I voted to close originally, ...
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Should "legal advice" or "copyright, trademark, and patent law" be added to the list of things this site is not about?

At one point, software law topics were on-topic, but that was replaced with "software licensing" to differentiate questions about various licensing issues and creating or using software under a ...
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FAQ should include examples of good questions

At the request of Mark Trapp, I'm turning one of my answers to another topic into a feature request. Currently the FAQ does not provide very much specific information on what exactly defines a good ...
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remove [canadian-law] tag?

should we remove the canadian-law tag that was created per request of this question? I think it just opens the door to create too many different [country-law] tags that aren't that useful. I think [...
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Should this question be closed or stay open (with or without edits)?

I'm looking at Form screenshot for legal proof of clicking one of the checkboxes? and it feels like a mostly legal problem rather than a software development question. We have visited legal questions ...
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Are questions about Developer Agreements on topic?

This question about iOS development was closed as off topic. At its core, this question boiled down the types of applications allowed by a software publisher (in this case the Apple App Store) would ...
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Sidebar is FAQ'ed, lets update the FAQ tags

Yes! The sidebar has been FAQed! Our faq has 18 questions in it while faq-proposed has 40 more. What questions should move there for easier access for people unfamiliar with the workings of meta? ...
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Where to ask: Is the explanation on the Economist about APIs and VMs accurate?

The Economist recently posted a non-technical explanation of programming concepts behind the Oracle Vs. Google case on their site. It has detailed descriptions of what APIs and virtual machines are, ...
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Custom Close Reason Updates

First: We have a fourth custom close reason added. One of the most common close reasons that isn't accounted for by one of the current custom close reasons is for questions seeking legal advice or ...
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