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What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow?
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Should our FAQ contain a list of what's off topic and if so what should that list contain?

Now that there's a migration path from Stack Overflow to here, should we be more strict about what's off topic? I know there's this old question about what the FAQ should contain, but the current FAQ ...
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What questions are on-topic, and what are off-topic?

Joel Spolsky created a post on the Stack Overflow blog this afternoon on merging Area51 proposals. In it, he talks about how some proposals are just too specific or are subsets of larger sites and ...
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Are questions not directly related to programming (but might concern programmers) on-topic?

Questions like "Can you recommend some good pottery for programmers?" are an issue we need to figure out- to what extent are they allowed? I see a few variants on this: Questions that are clearly ...
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Purpose of Community Wiki

Update Community Wiki is no longer an option, across the network, for regular users when creating or editing a question. If a question should be flagged community wiki, flag a moderator for attention. ...
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Where do Code Golf/Code Challenge questions belong?

Code golf questions are a perennial favorite on Stack Overflow, but are under constant threat of being closed for being off topic or not a real question. Now that Programmers is live, do Code Golf and ...
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How do you deal with famous questions of Stack Overflow that are being asked again on Programmers?

I'm seeing a lot of great famous Stack Overflow questions asked again here on Programmers. Why allowing to duplicate those greatest hits questions? Here are some examples :
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What should our logo and site design look like?

One of the big 7 questions. One suggestion per answer please Logo guidance, from Jin (resident UI designer for at least some of the Stack Exchange sites): Please note: I prefer gray-scaled logo ...
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What types of subjective questions are not acceptable?

There are now a lot of questions that are of the same caliber: What's your favourite programming quote? What is your favorite “programmer” cartoon? What is your favorite editor/IDE? What's your ...
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Lots of subjective questions here [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow? It seems like half of this site should be community wiki. Also, what kind of questions are supposed to go ...
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Is recruiting appropriate?

I'm speaking mainly of this. What do you think?
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Should we migrate subjective question from StackOverflow ? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we get a "Belongs on StackOverflow" as a closing reason? When the beta will be over, should the subjective question of StackOverflow be migrated here ? Example ...
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Can I ask a Subject Question about Stackoverflow?

I know subjective questions are unacceptable on, but what if the question is directly about stackoverflow, for example: Have you noticed more [insert lanuage of you choice] ...
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Sidebar is FAQ'ed, lets update the FAQ tags

Yes! The sidebar has been FAQed! Our faq has 18 questions in it while faq-proposed has 40 more. What questions should move there for easier access for people unfamiliar with the workings of meta? ...
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How to succinctly define the purpose of Programmers.SE? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow? Programmers.SE is often seen as a dumping ground for anything not suitable for StackOverflow. How would you ...
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