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[work], [job], [career-development], [employment] => [career] [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Posse request: jobs/career/etc. tag cleanup career: 29 questions work: 5 questions job: 15 questions career-development: 8 questions employment: 3 questions hiring and work-...
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Programmers.SE Summer Cleaning

So it's summer-time, and while you may be thinking that means warm temperatures and blue skies (sorry, Southern Hemisphere!), the Stack Exchange network has caught the clean-up bug. Our sister sites ...
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Structured Tag Cleanup — Call for proposals #1 [closed]

Related: Request for comment: structured tag cleanups This is a call for proposals for the Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative. Provide one proposal per post A tag cleanup proposal is a tag, or a ...
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Should "No Interview Questions" be added to our FAQ?

I just came across this question that has already been closed: Why don't interviewers ask the applicant to read some code? I agree that the question as it was worded wasn't very constructive but ...
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Current state of the [job-market] [duplicate]

As of now, there are over 87 questions in job-market tag. All of these questions are closed, except for this one which has historical lock. Could we do something to help askers understand the risks ...
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Improve question quality by informing askers of expectations in some career related tags

Over here at Programmers, a lot of askers seems to misunderstand site-specific expectations of career related questions, which frequently results in questions closure and deletions. Propose to help ...
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Offering Solutions to the Career and Jobs Tags

We can’t perform the operation requested here, that is, blacklist career and jobs while still leaving the tags present on the site. We have some suggestions on what could be done as an alternative, ...
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Why are closed questions not being deleted?

According to a Community Manager for the Stack Exchange Network, "unless a question has some chance to be considered for reopening, it should be deleted." Based on this query for closed questions (...
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Why are all of the good career-related threads closed? [duplicate]

This is a great forum but career questions are often interesting and people like reading/responding to them. Why not allow these types of questions as long as they are tagged "career"? Are there any ...
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Tag merge discussion: jobs → career

In the first part of what will assuredly be a several part series on tag cleanups, I'd like to discuss merging jobs into career. Both tags generally are about jobs: working at a job, career ...
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Burninate the [work] tag

There's a work tag. Looks like it was missed in the Posse request: jobs/career/etc. tag cleanup Burninate/cleanup? Seems like a likely target of off topic questions, so I'd recommend going through ...
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why are old questions edited?

I'm sure this question must have been asked before, but I can't find it using the search function. Why are old questions that haven't had any recent new answers edited, which then causes the question ...
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Blacklist [career]

career was recently cleaned up, through the Structured Tag Cleanup Initiative. It's a rather troublesome tag that we've been trying to get rid of for quite some time: Previous attempts to clean up ...
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Let's nuke the catch-all tags

While we continue our work on cleaning up the career and jobs tags, I thought I'd bring up the next tag clean-up project: killing the catch-all tags that could be applied to every question on the site....
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Structured Tag Cleanup: [career] - what happens to good off-topic quesitons? [closed]

Yesterday I flagged a lot of questions (which are now here Structured Tag Cleanup: [career]) to get closed. No doubt, many from this list are actually useful and of good quality. The primary ...
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