The 404 page of this site has an image of what looks like a cat: 404 cat

Is there anything special about this cat? What does a cat have to do with software engineering?

Is it a historical inside-joke? Does it have a name? It looks very (mischeviously) happy. What is it so happy about?

I don't see this cat in the post from 2010 soliciting 404 image ideas. The closest thing I can find is this suggestion:

A picture of a programmer sitting at their desk, typing away blithely, not realizing a cat unplugged the computer and the monitor is blank.

Is that it?

  • I think the main issue with this question is to find the right audience. Maybe someone from the staff can answer this, or Jin, who started the old post from 2010. But Jin seems not to be very active any more, maybe it is possible to contact him by Twitter?
    – Doc Brown
    Dec 28, 2022 at 10:07


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