I fond similar questions on the site, so decided it was the right place to ask it here. I have provided those questions in the comments. And the question was not just closed, it was deleted by a moderator, so I cannot ask for undeletion and cannot expect someone to even comment...

Why isn't it good for this site if there are similar questions already asked?

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Similar questions:

Are there standard practices when writing a spec for a software development project?
What is the standard for modeling modern applications prior to development?

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    The scope of this site has changed over the years, in 2011 it was much broader. See this meta answer of mine for more information.
    – Doc Brown
    Mar 23, 2022 at 12:13

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The existence of similar questions that have not been closed and/or deleted does not mean that a particular question is a good fit for the site. We have definitions of what topics are appropriate to ask about here (which includes questions that appear to fit into topics but are not a good fit) as well as the types of questions that should not be asked here. Questions should be compared to these descriptions of this site's scope and not to other questions.

Specifically, questions asking for references or resources are not permitted.

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