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So, asking a question about differences of code checks in Typescript vs checks in the Js JIT-Compiler are not appropriate in this forum? Why?


The question was closed as being too broad ("needs more focus"), not as being off-topic. Literally, the question is a "list of things" question, but since that list would probably be very short, maybe containing only one or two major points, I personally tend to disagree with the close voters here (and voted for reopening). However, closing and reopening is a community process. If you can convince 2 more reopen voters, your question might get reopened (or now, as it was deleted, to get undeleted).

To increase the chance for this, I would heavily recommend to improve the question by giving some examples of what you precisely mean by "hidden errors other than type errors". Currently, that part of your question seems to be a little bit blurry to me.

And don't say you need to be a typescript expert for doing so, that's would be a really bad excuse. You wrote "[for] C++ or Delphi, it seems far more errors are found" - so I am sure you could give us some examples of errors you have in mind.


More than 50% of the questions are currently closed as Software Engineering, so I suppose, the problem is more that people at stackexchange take themselves too serious. It is not the community, that closes questions. This are single persons. Did they not learn, that there are no stupid questions, but only stupid answers?

About the question:

People recommend to use typescript, because this allows type checks. From my experience with compiled languages, the advantage is overestimated. But compilers can find lot´s of other errors.

JS hat a JIT-compiler, that checks for some errors. My questions was very clear: Does the typescript compiler have any advantages compared to a JIT-compiler in respect to code quality (beside the type checks).

If I need to be a typescript specialist to ask more specific, so probably I would not need to ask. .

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