I have raised the hostility issue again in the past . Let us do this one more time , as again I am getting close to the INFAMOUS "Question ban" . Why was my question down voted ? Given a few more down votes I will not be able to ask any more question and please notice there are many many new members being aggressively down voted, therefore banned from this community . So I, hereby, ask.

  • Why was my question down voted ?
  • Is this not a software engineering matter?
  • Am I doing something wrong and I am constantly down voted ?
  • Is aggressively down voting new members an indirect ban OR there is something I am not aware of ?


I just saw an answer here which actually describes this community issue as well .

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    Rants and sarcasms are not welcome here, so please don't abuse my meta answer for trying to justify ranting against our community. It is fine to ask here why a certain question got downvotes, but please try to ask in a calm and constructive way. – Doc Brown Oct 23 at 6:04
  • I am afraid, "Against our community" is minor confusion . I am referring to the hostility regiment . I am very happy with the community , as it constantly helps me . – Cap Barracudas Oct 23 at 8:58
  • Rants and sarcasm violates SEs code-of-conduct, regardless if they are against single members of our community or all of them. Please edit your question and try to find a more moderate tone, in the current form, it is likely to get flagged as a CoC violation. – Doc Brown Oct 23 at 9:38
  • I will . But first I will need to ask first if a civilized discussion can be the appropriate mean to provoke change in here ? I hardly care about insulting or making people feel bad, but creating a "us" vs the rest mentality will always create troubles . And benefits of course . It depends who is exploiting this .... – Cap Barracudas Oct 23 at 10:48
  • Well, in any case I think I cared enough .... If things go bad (1 million down votes for not asking about java ( :P ) sorry; I mean for not being perceived by the community in a positive light) therefore blocked, I will just make another profile with 0 reputation . No need to fight about things their providers cannot secure .. Right ? – Cap Barracudas Oct 23 at 10:48
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    In between, the question in stake got 3 upvotes (and kept only one downvote, which is not many on SE.SE). And that's why you made such a big fuzz about it? Seriously? – Doc Brown Oct 24 at 11:13
  • yeah yeah .. whatever – Cap Barracudas Oct 24 at 20:23

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