I am requesting to have this question reopened. Because of a flag declined comment, I have been told to ask reopen requests on meta.enter image description here This image serves as proof, even though this question is a different one. I would like the linked question reopened as I have edited it to add more details and specific questions. Please consider reopening my question. Thanks!

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I don't see a compelling reason for reopening, as long as the question does not get deleted.

The topic of the question is IMHO fine in general, though very broad, and it could be seen as a list-of-things question, since there are several reasons for splitting up a larger program into multiple files (performance, however, is none of them). I think it already got enough excellent answers, but because of its broadness, it attracted a whole lot of different viewpoints (already 10 answers in total). So I think it is pretty unlikely reopening would bring a new, really better answer than the current top-voted ones.

Note though the question is closed, it still can receive up- and downvotes, as well as the answers can. Let me add that I think your last edit did not improve the question. It just enhances the (possibly wrong) impression you did not understand that the reasons for multi-file programming have nothing in common with the platform or performance. The community here does not really like questions which are biased towards a misunderstanding.

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