The question in specific is this one: Integrity rules for Document-based DBs from the DDD perspective

I'm getting down votes with no explanation. And I truly think it's a valid question.

Possible reason and a big problema: I've seen it in other places: newcomers are considered dumb "by default" and tend to get many down votes just because it's written in their avatar that they are newcomers.

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In between, your question was closed as "too broad" (and a comment in the same direction), which may have served for you as an explanation?

In this former meta post, you can find further explanations what the community here considers as "too broad". And don't take those downvotes personal - you did not get downvotes, only your question got.

One reason for this is the community here tries to keep the site clean by self-moderation, and voting for deletion on an off-topic question requires the question to have a score of -3 or lower, that's part of the site's mechanics.

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  • yes, that last comment as "too broad" was added last, while also closing the question... but before that I was just getting plain downvotes with no explanation... the first comment came with a downvote already, asking me to explain more.. so I did extend the question and got 3 extra downvotes, before the "too broad" comment/closing. – João Otero Mar 22 '19 at 18:36
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    @JoãoOtero: did you notice you still wrote "I got downvotes" instead of "my question got downvotes" ;-)? – Doc Brown Mar 22 '19 at 21:59
  • yes, I've noticed... I didn't take it personally though. I've seen already many broad / philosophical questions being asked around, with very good and insightful answers. Sometimes those kinds of questions are rejected (like this time); and in other times they are accepted. I think that instead being rejected, there should be a specific category for "philosophical / opinionated questions". I think those kinds of questions, which doesn't have one specific and particular answer, are also valid and important kinds of questions that deserve answers. – João Otero Mar 24 '19 at 17:18
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    oh, one more thing: see that the in the title I've mentioned "my question" getting downvotes? the part where I mention "I'm getting" downvotes is because they were happening "without explanation" (the explanation is important to instruct and evolve the questioner) – João Otero Mar 24 '19 at 17:21

I have to ask after having read the question. Did this question get downvoted and closed due to bad english?

I can totally imagine the same question being posted with different phrasing:

"Where should data integrity rules be placed in DDD" with maybe some example pseudocode getting answered and upvoted.

It would be a shame if non native english speakers are excluded from contributing questions.

contrast our response with the same question on stack overflow


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  • Yes, the question you mentioned is part of the same concern (data integrity). But in Stackoverflow I was taking into account a specific technology. While in here I was looking for a more general answer / best practice. – João Otero Mar 27 '19 at 15:29

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