My question:

Are developers in the 3rd world really just as competent? (10k link)

Closed as "opinion-based", downoved as "off-topic".

Similar example: 12 answers, 15 upvotes (just as "off-topic" and "opinion-based"):

Is outsourcing code more expensive in the long term? Does it harm code quality?

(The difference from my question is that mine was about locating the whole division/company in India, etc. rather than putting managers in the U.S. and developers in India, and why companies don't do that en masse)

This double standard clearly shows that the mods are wrong.


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The question you asked comes across as a rant against certain ethnic groups or nationalities. That is my impression and others may disagree.

The other question you linked takes a more neutral approach and rather than comparing the competencies of developers on two different continents. It approaches the topic from a software engineering approach - comparing cost and risk.

That being said, the other question is borderline and did contain some opinion-based language which I just removed. As it is, I believe it is too broad as I could write a whole book on the topic, citing case studies of various organizations that went through the process of outsourcing and sometimes bringing development back on-shore. I just cast a close vote for being too broad.

  • rant against certain ethnic groups or nationalities not at all. I only mentioned India, because I've heard concrete numbers about their dev closts and because it's (kind of) English-speaking.
    – user92480
    Jul 12, 2017 at 23:19
  • 2
    That is my impression and others may disagree. Still, it is not an objectively answerable question. I voted to close both questions.
    – user22815
    Jul 12, 2017 at 23:20

That question was asked nearly 7 years ago, when the site scope was different.

I just cast a close vote as you are correct, it should be closed.

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