I was reading questions and answers here and there, and I came across with this comment

Thank you for that, however I don't need to be sold on separating product from technical version. My issue is rather finding arguments that will convince the people who do like to see a correlation between the two. (See also the edit in the question.)

Then I inevitably felt in the next question:

Are questions addressed to convince people (that we don't even know) off-topic?

Don't they fall in the mainly opinion based category?

From my point of view, convincing others to think like I do, has nothing to do with software engineery.

We usually don't know others point of view and we don't know all the details concerning about the discussion that pushed the OP to come here looking for support on his own arguments.

We could provide OP with tens of pros and cons and those who we try to convice still remain reluctant to think otherwise.

To me, there's not a software engineery problem. It's rather a communication skill issue.

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    Reading the top voted answer I assume that Yes, they are probably off-topic. – Laiv Jul 1 '17 at 13:42

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