I recently asked this question about a specific term (JTNU) that I saw in a job posting.

After seeing the downvotes, I read:

What goes on Software Engineering (previously known as Programmers)? A guide for Stack Overflow


And I didn't find it to be off topic since it was related a term in a job posting and searching for non-jtnu didn't yield good things on google.

The info for the terminology tag reads:

Questions about the objective meaning or common understanding of words and concepts that programmers encounter

We are in a field where a new acronym pops up each week. So, I thought I was behind and it would be reasonable to ask such question.

I know now that it is an Indian University whose degrees doesn't seem to be great. But when I first searched and saw the university I didn't think it was related.

Isn't it a valid terminology question since it appears in job posts?

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You are correct, the tag info could have have been interpreted that way when taking it literally. However, I am very sure the community here does not want an interpretation like

Questions about the objective meaning or common understanding of arbitrary words and concepts that programmers encounter

This site's scope today is about the systems development life cycle - one action to make this more clear was the site name change last year. Abbreviations in job offers, especially when it turns out they are just an abbreviation for a university somewhere in the world, are - to my understanding - too localized and not related to the SDLC.

So I took your question as a chance for improvement, and changed the tag description to make it better fit to the actual site's scope.

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